Spent nuclear fuel and nuclear wastes are reduced by about 75% because about ½ the fuel is hydro-carbon based and the reactor is very efficient. The spent nuclear fuel is nearly ideal for permanent storage in geological formations because the nuclear material is encapsulated in highly stable graphite and silicon carbide.
Emissions, including greenhouse gases, are significantly reduced because of the hybrid’s partial use of nuclear energy.
Replacement of the aging fleet of US coal plants with hybrid-nuclear/IGCC units would reduce US air pollution levels and greenhouse gas emissions by about 15% without resorting to the problematic sequestration (pumping into the ground) of CO2. Coal sludge waste and ponds would be eliminated.
A major world-wide concern is the potential for turning used nuclear fuel from civilian reactors into nuclear weapons. The hybrid’s nuclear fuel is essentially useless as atomic bomb material because the fuel is very difficult to reprocess. Additionally, the hybrid’s graphite core has the inherent capability, using “deep-burn” technology, to nearly eliminate the building stocks of Plutonium created by conventional water reactors.
Water needs are much lower than conventional plants because the hybrid is efficient and about 70% of the power is generated by the combustion turbine
The hybrid-nuclear technology is the most environmentally responsible method to solve the world’s emerging energy crisis.

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