Hybrid-Nuclear Energy

21st Century game changer.

  • Most efficient use of fossil & nuclear fuels ever created.
  • Quantum  leap Improvement in nuclear safety
  • Massive reductions in spent nuclear fuel.
  • Small Modular Reactor (SMR) but large electrical output.
  • Readily licensed.
  • Readily fabricated by US manufacturers
  • Highly competitive.
  • Numerous applications.
  • Recoups earlier nearly billion dollar expenditure of taxpayer money.



Energy for the Future

As a result of a number of factors, our energy options are becoming more limited. Nuclear power’s prospects are uncertain, as complicated by cost concerns and public perceptions. An emerging advancement may alter our future energy path. The innovation integrates nuclear and fossil fuels to create a new technology branch that is powerful, efficient and highly competitive.

Hybrid-nuclear Summary

Nuclear Fuel

 Cannot melt. Passively cooled by multiple methods.

Spent Nuclear Fuel

 Massive decrease. Nearly 90% reduction and geologically stable.


 Not feasible. Too difficult to reprocess fuel for atomic bomb purposes.

Catastrophic Failures

 Public Protected. Full containment, multiple barriers & cooling methods.

External Hazards

 Reactor Protected.  Located underground and heavily fortified.

Explosions & Fires

 Safe. Reactor not harmed by plant’s partial use of fossil fuel. Nuclear fuel cannot burn or create  hydrogen.


 Safe.  Seismic isolators minimize shaking of reactor block.


 Fail-safe. Even with no cooling water, electrical power or plant personnel.


 Strong. Underground “island” design.

Water Needs

 Low. Significantly less (35%-85%) than conventional power plants.


 Low.Significantly less (40%-70%) than conventional fossil power plants.


 Unprecedented.Nearly 80% use of fossil fuel; conventionally only about 30-50% of energy in  hydro-carbon fuel usefully extracted.


 Available. Routinely used by industry and approved by regulations.


 Good. Major components readily fabricated by US facilities.


 Good.Modularized assembly similar to shipyard methods.

Build Cost

 Reasonable.Near that of low-cost natural gas power plants.


 Reasonably Achievable. Simple, defense-in-depth, passive design avoids complexities of  conventional reactors. Builds on extensive earlier work.


 Obtainable. Capital needs within capabilities of utilities, independent power producers and  petrochemical firms.

Power Price

 Good.Competitive with low-priced electricity from natural gas plants.

Green Energy

 Ideal Partner.Helps renewable energy become more competitive.

Grid Support

 Good. Highly maneuverable and efficient at all power levels.


 Unprecedented. Uses nuclear and natural gas or coal.


 Unmatched. Power, transportation fuels and industrial chemicals.

Market Potential

 Immense. Numerous applications – hundreds of billions of dollars.


 Highly Responsible. Cleanly extends energy resources for generations.

Public Relations

 Major Improvement. Overcomes unease with nuclear power.

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21st Century Fail-Safe Nuclear Hybrid Gas Reactor

Hybrid Nuclear

Helium-cooled, graphite moderated reactor drives gas turbines’ decoupled air compressor, doubling gas turbines’ normal electrical output. Other improvements increase output & efficiency.

Hybrid-nuclear Power Plant  - artist rendering, Kara Baranski